some recent things

Sat, 2016-06-04 16:14

exploded image: cat head

exploded image: spider

figure drawing: pencil

figure drawing: pencil

simple dots

Thu, 2016-04-28 21:07

A quick little design with dots.


simple dots

discrete slit scan self portrait

Sat, 2016-01-23 19:57

I took 52 shots of myself, then took slices from each one to make this composite self-portrait in a slit scan style. Click to embiggen.

discrete slit scan 01-9

My favorite film viewings of 2015

Sat, 2016-01-09 23:43

I looked through my movie-viewing log and picked out these as my favorites:

Christmas Blurds

Sun, 2015-12-27 21:51

Click to embiggen.

Christmas Blurds

harmonograph 27

Tue, 2015-11-24 13:29

More harmonographing.

harmonograph 27

figure drawing

Sun, 2015-11-15 17:39

Friday's open studio output.

Click to embiggen on flickr.

figure drawing

figure drawing long pose

Sun, 2015-11-01 15:13

Click to embiggen on Flickr.

figure drawing

figure drawing

Sun, 2015-10-25 11:50

Another open studio drawing. Click, and click again, to embiggen on flickr.

figure drawing

Figure drawing - standing pose

Thu, 2015-10-22 13:39

Another open studio session at Gage Academy, 10/16/15.

figure drawing in pencil