Mr. Visconti and Mr. Dovzhenko

Thu, 2007-09-20 12:07

Two more films viewed from directors on this list.

La Terra Trema is an awesome, commi-tinged non-romp around a Sicilian fishing village. Great acting by a bunch of non-actors. Really excellent film. Directed by Visconti, who is the answer to a question posed on one of Monty Python's records, "What famous person is this, getting up in the morning?", followed by sounds of an alarm clock, yawning, using the toilet, etc. "An italian film director" is not sufficient.

Earth has some similarities, being about poor, working folk, but it is more commi-tinged, being set in early Soviet Russia, with discussion of farm collectivization and such. They sure do love their tractor, boy. Lots of close-ups.

So, only a few directors left:

  • von Stroheim
  • Marker
  • Flaherty
  • Rocha