Fri, 2009-11-20 00:59

I've been using Scribus today for the first time. I needed something that could do "desktop publishing". I'm designing the handbill and program for the upcoming Not All Clowns Are Bozos II: Clown Harder show being put on by Ear to the Ground Theatre. I designed the logo in Inkscape, but the program especially is a lot of text, so I felt something besides just a vector graphics program was needed.

Scribus seems to be doing the job okay. However, like Inkscape, it has a strong unfinished feel to it. The first problem I ran into was that Scribus would not open SVG files I saved in Inkscape. Scribus claimed there was some component of the file that was unsupported. And, since Inkscape cannot save a gradient to a postscript file (?), I had to open my logo in Scribus as a bitmap graphic. This is, of course, disappointing. But, as a first project with the software, it will have to do.