more kurosawa and rainy riding

Tue, 2009-11-24 23:20

I watched The Bad Sleep Well, another in my project to watch all of Akira Kurosawa's films. I've now seen 20 of his 30 films, and I have The Lower Depths on DVD checked out from the Library.

The Bad Sleep Well was quite good, though it suffers a bit from blatant exposition: the characters often stand around and say things that all the characters hearing them already know, just to get the information to the viewer. I find this a bit distracting. The ending is treated somewhat anticlimactically by having one of the characters describe the ultimate fate of the main character rather than allowing the viewer to see the sequence of events he describes. Not necessarily bad, but an interesting choice.

I did a short ride today, just 38 km up to the north end of Lake Washington and back. It was raining the whole time, a heavy drizzle, if there is such a thing. The worst part of it was I couldn't see: the drizzle coated my glasses with tiny droplets, and that's far worse than what you get when it is properly raining. I had intended to do more like 100 km today, but the rain, my ability to see, and the fact that nobody took me up on my offer to join me made me happy to cut it short.