riding and grading

Sun, 2009-11-29 01:01

Went to the 10 am Husky team ride today, but nobody else showed up. So, I rode out to Mercer Island and back (yes, again). It was really windy, but not cold at all (high 40s). A good ride, but about 2 km from home my right pedal exploded, coming completely disconnected from the spindle: I looked down, and there was just the spindle sticking out of the crankarm, the pedal still stuck to the cleat on the bottom of my shoe. A couple weeks ago, I noticed that that pedal wasn't turning well at all: it took way too much force to turn it. So I took it apart and greased it really good and put it back together. I'm guessing either I put it back together incorrectly, or something else was causing the problem before, and today that thing caused the pedal to fail. Oh well, I didn't like those pedals much anyway. I think I 'm going to try Egg Beaters.

Other than that, I spent most of the day grading my calculus students' essays on the Folium of Descartes. It is taking me forever to get through all 57 of them.

I have to come up with another topic for them for Monday. Googling "cool optimization problems" yields nothing. So now, it will. The problem is that the line between interesting/challenging and impossible is very fine. Plus, even when you come up with a challenging doable problem, often the answer is boring and obvious. Hmmm.