Thu, 2009-10-01 21:28

I watched a lot of Simpsons in the 90s, but turned away after a number of horrifically disappointing episodes some time in the late 90s.

Today I watched an episode that made me notice how the character of Marge has been treated by the writers. In "Itchy and Scratchy and Marge", the 9th episode of the second season, there is this sequence:

Homer sees Marge making pork chops...

Marge: [making pork chops]
A dash of rosemary, a smidgen of thyme, a pinch of marjoram...
Homer: You know, Marge, you make the best pork chops in the whole world.
Marge: Oh, Homer, they're nothing special. The extra ingredient is care.
[continues her work]
A sprinkle of chervil, a teaspoon of tumeric, and a whisper of MSG.

Here, Marge is a competent, perhaps talented, cook.

In "El Viaje Misterioso de Nuestro Homer", the ninth episode of the eight season, Marge has a greatly diminished knowledge of spices; in particular she does not recognize the spice, oregano.

I think this can stand as an example of the general buffoonization of the Simpsons characters and the downfall of the series.

At least we can still watch the first four seasons.