Wed, 2009-11-04 21:37

I need/want to get a watch.

My only watch died on me months ago, and I need to replace it. I probably could just replace the battery, but it is so old, and such a cheap watch, that I'm leaning toward getting something else.

I am bad at buying things. It takes me forever to make a decision to buy many things. It took me probably seven or eight years to buy my latest bicycle, for instance.

During the summer, I rarely needed to know the time, but now that I'm back to teaching, I find more and more I need to know what time it is when a clock is not available. So, I think I should get one. But which?

I need numbers: I can't stand watches that don't have all twelve hours displayed on them. I don't want anything clunky or crowded with knobs or dials. But I'd like something with a little more character than, say, one of Timex's Easy Reader, which I actually like pretty well.

I can't stand metal bands, and I don't want a leather one, so I'll probably need to replace whatever the watch comes with. I like a really simple nylon band that I can get at an Army Surplus store.

I quite like this watch from Vermont Country Store, but it lacks a second hand. It's apparently a Russian brand. I definitely favor the silver version.

Since I ride some times in the rain, I need a watch that isn't so delicate it can't get wet.

So, those are my criteria: analog, all numbers on the face, a second hand, non-metal band, uncomplicated and uncluttered, not entirely averse to water. This sounds like a Timex Easy Reader, but what else is out there?

I love this one. Does anyone still make watches anything like this?