self portraits


Wed, 2016-08-31 20:41

Reflected in bent chrome.

discrete slit scan self portrait

Sat, 2016-01-23 19:57

I took 52 shots of myself, then took slices from each one to make this composite self-portrait in a slit scan style. Click to embiggen.

discrete slit scan 01-9

this week's drawings

Sat, 2014-06-28 14:41

Click to embiggen on Flickr.

self portrait - charcoal and wash

figure drawing in charcoal, long pose

quick and dirty pencil self-portrait

Sat, 2013-11-09 12:53

A quick and dirty self-portrait for the Light and Shadow class I'm taking at Gage Academy this quarter.


quick self portrait - pencil

slit scan

Sun, 2012-11-11 23:18

I've been trying to do slitscanning with Processing for years.

The trouble is the quicktime interface Processing has/uses is prone to failing, and code crashes quite sporadically.

So, I decided to skip quicktime, by using ffmpeg to convert my video to frames, use Processing to process the frames while outputting new frames, and then use ffmpeg to put the new frames back together into a video. This is working well.

Here is just a quick single frame, made from a 30 second video of me rotating my head slowly.

self portrait slit scan

self-portrait, woodcut style

Fri, 2012-06-15 10:26

For my Foundation Drawing III class at Gage Academy, Seattle, I was reading about German Expressionism. I noticed that in 1919/1920, everyone seems to have made a woodcut self-portrait. Not having time to do a woodcut (and I've never done one), I decided to do a drawing in the style of a woodcut. Here it is.

self portrait, woodcut style

Now I'm inspired to do this in an actual woodcut. Should be fun.

Processing applet - mozaic variation

Sun, 2012-05-27 22:57

A self-portrait image modified using a Processing applet I thought of writing some time ago.

I like the result.

self-portrait mozaic


Sun, 2011-08-21 15:14

I'm taking a four week etching class at Pratt. This is the first time I have ever done any printing. Here are my first two etchings.

This is a self-portrait, an etching done with hard ground on copper. I somehow scratched the plate during the inking process.

self portrait with scratch - etching

This is a drypoint to try a variety of implements and see the results of their marks on the plate. A lot of detail was lost in the printing, which was good to learn.

abstract with circles - drypoint


Tue, 2010-11-09 00:07

I lectured on rational functions and optimization of two variable functions today. And then rational functions again. That's how my schedule goes: ABA.

A Gimp-assisted self-portrait:

I look scarier than I intended.

rotating self-portrait

Sun, 2009-12-13 23:38

animated gif self portrait