inkscape and migraines

Mon, 2009-11-30 00:27

I had another migraine today. I mostly just get the aura (i.e., visual disturbance for 30 minutes or so). I take 500 mg of acetaminophen, and usually I only have a mild headache. Today, though, I felt really weird all afternoon. I think I may having broken my brain with all the grading I've been doing.

But then Inkscape broke my brain some more. It wouldn't start up. And this is after I've used it many times. I eventually found out (via the inter-tubes) that Inkscape doesn't like it if the fonts change, or something. I've recently been using Scribus, and I'm guessing that Scribus did something to my fonts, and then when I went to run Inkscape (after having not done so in some time), it would not go. Oh well: I cleared the x11 font cache, and Inkscape seems good as new. Whew.

Bought some new pedals today. I went with Shimano PD-M540s, because Counterbalance had them in stock. Pretty plain pedals, good enough for me.