Sat, 2009-02-07 17:26

Went for a ride with the Husky Cycling team today. I've been riding with them many Saturdays since
the beginning of October. Many (most) are much too fast for me, but I can usually hang on until there is some kind of break, and then do my own thing, or hang with my friend Les, who rides, too, and isn't one of the fast ones.

Today we rode to the north end of Lake Washington, with the plan to head south to Marymoor and down east lake sammamish. Then, the not-so-racy types would head back on I-90, coming across Mercer Island back to Seattle.

But, at the north end of Lake Wash., I got a rear flat. I fixed it pretty darned fast, but nobody waited for me, and I never caught up, so I rode rest of the route solo.

My tires, along with the rest of my bike, are brand new: the rear tire had only about 100 km on it, so I'm a little concerned about the flat-proofness of my tires (Schwalbe Stelvios). But, the flat was caused by a really massive sliver of glass, the kind of thing it would be hard to imagine any tires not flatting on, so I'll hold judgement on the tires for now.

The ride totaled 90km, about 3:45 rolling time. The weather was good, not too cold, no rain, all in all a good ride.

In other news, I posted my first track to the RPM 09 Challenge. You can listen here. It's pretty noisy, which is what I'm going for this year.