Mon, 2010-11-01 23:01

Jane seems to be offering baked good to inspire people to participate in National Blog Posting Month, so I think I'll take a shot at posting every day of November.

Present concerns: the freehand, or mostly freehand, drawing of ellipses. I'm working on a still life in my drawing class. I have two more class sessions to finish it. It involves two vases, a wooden cube, a wooden cylinder, an artificial red pepper and lemon, and a cup. The cup is the thing giving me a hard time. It's a yellow plastic coffee cup type of thing, with a slight taper along its length, so the top is wider than the bottom. It has a handle which touches the ground as it lies on its side. I spent the last few hours trying to draw reasonable versions of this cup in pencil, but they all were disappointing.

The trouble is, to a large extent, that of drawing ellipses. It's not hard to draw something that looks a good bit like an ellipse, but when it's supposed to be the top of factory made cup it needs to be rather near perfect, or it just looks bad. To me anyway.

There are lots of techniques for drawing ellipses when one is called for using drafting-like techniques based on sound geometry, like these.

I'm surprised that this is turning out to be so hard. I think I have to just keep practicing.