hard drawing

Fri, 2010-11-12 19:04

Last night was our second night working on our final still-life; we'll have next Tuesday and Thursday to finish it. The black pillow is challenging me, and actually causing me some anxiety. Silly, I know. It's all about learning, and I guess I'm just frustrated that it takes me so long to achieve certain effects with the charcoal. It makes me a little concerned that I might never figure it out. But, rationally, I know that's silly. I have a good teacher, and I know sometimes many attempts are needed before one really gets the hang of something. So, I should just relax.

I ordered these ultra-hip pants on Wednesday and got them today via FedEx. They seem quite nice. I've been trying to find alternatives to jeans, which I wear exclusively in the non-summer months (except for weddings, funerals, and such). My other pair that I bought a little while back are these Filson Whipcord pants. They're nice, but the Clever Cycles pants are a little more casual.