project management

project management

Thu, 2010-11-18 00:47

I don't like the term project management, but I don't know any other term for what I'm thinking about today. For quite some time, I have noticed that I dabble in a lot of areas, and I often feel I don't delve deeply enough into enough of them, and/or I feel I don't get things done. I have, off and on, thought about how to address this issue, but I think I need outside ideas: I'm not improving the situation on my own. Jenni helped me today by suggesting that I maintain a project list, and rewrite it weekly as a way to keep tabs on things I'm doing. I started looking at FreeMind, which is "mind mapping" software, which also claims to be usable for project management. I've started a "Matt's Project" mind map, but I need to get my hand's on some decent documentation to find out what FreeMind is actually capable of. Then I'll need to figure out if I can get it to actually help me get more done.

By "done", I mean finished. I start a lot of things, but they rarely get to a pleasantly completed stage. I'd like to try to have more of that. I don't mean just getting more stuff out of the way, or being "more productive".

I'm sure there are lots of books on the subject, but they are often so business oriented that they don't appeal to me.

Any suggestions of resources, or ideas, would be great.