sound files!

Sun, 2011-06-05 20:49

Now that the quarter is over, I took a moment to put all my tracks from the 2011 RPM Challenge up on the site. They are all here. Let me know if you'd like a link to a zip file so you can download them all at once.

track six: Four Prepared Music Boxes

Fri, 2011-02-25 11:37

Track six is up at RPM Challenge 2011. This one is a recording of four prepared music boxes. I prepared them by taking out the guts, removing the plate with the plucky bits, and turning it over, so high pitched notes are now low pitched, and vice versa. The plucky bits are made so that bending in the usual direction is easier than the reverse direction, so in this track you hear the plucky bits putting up a fight. Also, I use binder clips to hold the plate to the rest of the mechanism (since the holes for the screws which normally hold it in place are offset, and do not align when the plate is inverted). The binder clips resonate in their own way with the sound from the music box, and add to the general cacophony.

track five: Pride and Enjoyment

Thu, 2011-02-24 11:21

Track five is up at RPM 2011. It is called "Pride and Enjoyment" from the sample I used as the source audio. I used Csound to generate many layers of rhythms made from sub-samples of one main sample. I threw some ring modulation in the middle to make things more crunchy.

track four: Finger Rodeo

Thu, 2011-02-17 13:17

Track four is up at RPM Challenge 2011. It is called "Finger Rodeo".

It was recorded on a dare. I should take more dares.

track three: linear transformation noise

Sun, 2011-02-13 17:03

Another track at RPM Challenge 2011.

This one uses linear transformations to manipulate the audio spectrum from one instant to the next. The result would be asymptotically static, so I added injections of coherent sound periodically (every second). Noisy, but with a nice feel, I think.