Tue, 2011-08-02 15:48

For years now, Jenni and I have wanted more shelf space in our house. I figured I could build some shelves, and I looked around for a while for a good plan. At Instructables, I found this one. I modified it a bit, and used four foot 1x12s for the shelves, and seven feet long 1x4s for the verticals, but otherwise I followed the plans exactly. I made two of these. One, for the basement used regular hardware, plain nuts and zinc plated (ick) fender washers, since that's all they had at Home Depot. For the other one, I get black oxide fender washers and brass (hell yeah!) acorn nuts from McMaster Carr, a fantastic place to buy hardware and other stuff. Also for the second shelf, we got wood at our local Dunn Lumber. For the shelves, we actually got steppers, so they are quite a bit thicker than standard 1x12s, and they have a rounded edge, which we put at the front of the shelf. Using the acorn nuts requires cutting the all-thread more carefully, but it everything worked perfectly. Cutting the all-thread is perhaps the most time-consuming part. I used my angle grinder with a cut-off wheel, and that goes pretty fast (you could easily use a hacksaw, though), and then you need to clean the threads at the end with a file. Still, not hard to do, and an easy job all around.

I'm very happy with the results. The shelves are a little flexible in the vertical direction, owing to the thin 1x4s. 2x4s would be overkill, but would definitely make the whole thing more rigid. I don't think this flexibility is a problem, however.

Here are some pictures.

The basement shelf, loaded with books:

The upstairs shelf, unloaded:

Closeup of the hardware on the upstairs shelf:

Loaded upstairs shelf, with hopefully temporary clutter: