RPM 2015

Tue, 2015-03-03 12:36

February is over, and I made six tracks, a whisker under 31 minutes, of sound for RPM 2015.

You can listen to them on Soundcloud.

You can also download the whole thing in one zip file, so you can add it to your music library and listen over and over again.

Here are descriptions of the six tracks.

1. Chimes

There is a series of 18 tones here, each a small-denominator rational multiple of the last, that plays in a cycle with each tone given differing lengths so as to cause a varieties of harmonies.

This was made with perl-script-generated Csound score. I used aleatoric vibrato, which I think works pretty well, and was certainly easy to implement.

2. Eleanor

A piece of Perl code modified a recording of one of Eleanor Roosevelt's speeches. A stretching kind of thing.

3. Simple

A bunch of oscillators interacting, plus a bunch of filters interacting with the output of the oscillators to make a nice swimming kind of feeling with occasional sharper concentrations of frequencies. Just Csound.


A large bank of rather simple oscillator start at arbitrary pitches, converge to some chord at about mid-track, then converge on a single tone at the end. Lots of beat frequencies. Csound.

5. Modular

Noise. I have a game I play where I try to write the simplest piece of code that generates (what I think is) interesting sound. This one was made with a few lines of perl code, all modular arithmetic and comparisons, no trig or random number generators. I like a lot of the timbres.

6. Choose

Choose between random nouns. Variable delays, ring modulation, plus filters. I think it amusing that the manipulation of the synthetic voice causes the synthetic voice ultimately to sound more natural.

rpm2013 ends

Fri, 2013-03-01 20:07

February is over, and that means RPM 2013 is, too. I only managed three tracks, but at least I did spend some good time thinking about sound.

My tracks are here.

second RPM2013 track

Thu, 2013-02-21 21:12

This is track #2 for my RPM 2013 Challenge sound pieces.

It comes with a video, created at the same time.

Headphones are recommended.

Ten balls move linearly at various constant speeds, bouncing off the sides. Every triangle formed by these balls is drawn, the color determined by how equilateral the triangle is (redder = more equilateral). A sound event is generated for each triangle, twice per frame, determined by the size, location and equilaterality (?) of the triangle.

Made with Csound (audio) and processing (video).

You can see it bigger if you click through to Vimeo.

triangular composition from Matthew Conroy on Vimeo.

RPM 2012 mp3 files

Fri, 2012-03-16 17:43

RPM 2012 ended pretty well for me. I got 35 minutes of sound made, anyway, and tried out a number of new techniques and ideas. It's all available on my audio page.