My favorite film viewings of 2015

Sat, 2016-01-09 23:43

I looked through my movie-viewing log and picked out these as my favorites:

My favorite film viewings of 2014

Mon, 2015-01-05 23:55

I looked through my movie-watching log for 2014 and picked out these as
my favorites:

My favorite film viewings of 2013

Sun, 2014-03-02 00:43

I try at the end of each year to go through my movie log and pick out my favorite films that I watched that year. 2013 was not a good year for me, movie-watching wise, but I figured I ought to list something to mark the year. So, here are a few films that were decent that I saw in 2013:

I hope for some better films in 2014.

My favorite film viewings of 2012

Tue, 2013-01-01 13:57

I watched at least 81 movies in 2012. I didn't think this was a great year for my movie watching, though. Here are my favorites of the year (btw, I don't include It's a Wonderful Life, or other much-watched favorites: this list is for movies I like which came to my attention this year).

Mrs. Miniver (1942) Quite moving in parts.

Wings (1966) directed by Larisa Shepitko. Excellent, sad film.

A Town Like Alice (1956) Some very good acting; a touching ending.

Being Elmo (2011) An excellent documentary on Kevin Clash.

Goodbye Lenin! (2003) I love this very touching film about people trying really hard to protect someone from knowing a reality which would hurt them, and about the loss of a great many peoples' hopes.

Bill Cunningham New York (2010) Fantastic documentary.

The Falls (1980) Perhaps Peter Greenaway's magnum opus, an amazing 185-minute mock documentary.

If I had to pick a single top film for the year it would either be Wings
or Goodbye Lenin!.

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best movie viewings of 2011

Wed, 2011-12-28 13:21

I watched over 60 movies in 2011. Looking back over my movie viewing log, these are the ones I think are most worth mentioning:

A Page of Madness (avant-garde Japanese silent film)

Two Women (a painful film, but superbly made)

Abandon Ship! (brutal ethical decisions in a lifeboat)

We Can't Go Home Again (modern, collaboratively produced, very unusual film)

The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds (great acting)

Everything is Illuminated (I really liked a film made this century!)

The Letter (Bette Davis is fantastic!)

If Winter Comes (very moving)

The Cross of Lorraine

The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner (I love the ending)

Spies (favorite silent film of the year)

Il Posto (a great tone to this film)

My Darling Clementine (really excellent story and acting; my favorite western ever, though that's not saying much)

2010 Favorites

Mon, 2010-12-27 22:40

Here are my favorite films watched this year.

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favorite films seen in 2009

Sun, 2009-12-27 18:47

I watched a lot of films this year. In particular, I watched a lot of Bergman and Kurosawa films in an attempt to see "all" of them. So there are a few in my favorites of 2009.

  • It Rains on Our Love (1946)
    A possibly hard-to-find early Bergman film with good characters and story.
  • Music In Darkness (1948)
    Another uncommon, early Bergman film. Mai Zetterling is memorably adorable in this.
  • Miss Mend (1926)
    A four-hour silent thriller from the USSR? Yes!
  • Baby Face (1933)
    Barbara Stanwyck is truly awesome in this.
  • Heroes for Sale (1933)
    Quite possibly my favorite film of the year. Great story, great acting by Loretta Young and Aline MacMahon.
  • The Quiet Duel (1949)
    My favorite Kurosawa this year.
  • Johnny Got His Gun (1971)
    An excellent, powerful film.
  • Man on Wire (2008)
    An excellent documentation of one of the greatest events of all time.
  • The Women (1939)
    A terrific all-woman cast.
  • A Thousand Clowns (1965)
    Excellent film about the big compromise required to live in the world. Jason Robards is great as the guy trying to stay true to himself. Barbara Harris is awesome as a woman awakening to a better way of viewing her existence. Great acting and writing all around, excellent cinematography, editing, use of music. Terrific.

favorite films viewed in 2008

Sat, 2008-12-27 20:11

I thought I'd go over my movie viewing log and select my favorite newly seen films of 2008, as I did last year.

No particular order:

A solid bunch.

only three directors left! and my favorite films seen in 2007

Sun, 2007-12-30 18:44

Yesterday, and the day before, I watched Sans Soleil and La Jetee, both excellent, and both directed by Chris Marker. So, I only have three more directors to watch from this list, namely von Stroheim, Flaherty, and Rocha.

UPDATE The list has been updated, so Rocha is no longer on it! But, Clint Eastwood, Jean-Pierre Melville and Andrzej Wajda are now on it, and I've not seen anything by them (but the library will soon fix that).

Since the year is up, and because LizzieLou said she was going to do this (or at least she said something that suggested the idea to me), here are my favorite movies watched in 2007, in no particular order:

That seems like a strange bunch.