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Fri, 2007-10-19 17:45

This week I've been thinking about weird numbers, a number theoretic concept that, it turns out, hasn't been investigated nearly as heavily (from a computational point of view) as one might think it would have. With another editor at Wikipedia, I've been looking for better lower bounds on odd weird numbers (i.e., a value x that we can be sure that any odd weird number n must be greater than: n>x). I found a paper from 1976 that gives a method for calculating rather large weird numbers, but it says nothing about odd weird numbers. I might try some computations this weekend.

Also this week, I had an MRI on Tuesday. This was my first MRI. My liver doctor wants me to have them once a year to make sure we detect any anomalies (read: tumors) in my liver as early as possible. I've been having liver ultrasounds every siz months since my interferon treatment for hepatitis C, but now he wants to replace every other one with an MRI. I have to say, ultrasounds are more fun. The MRI required an IV, and although I'm not claustrophobic per se, it was a bit unpleasant being in the tube and subjected to quite loud noises (actually, it was kind of funny, too). On the plus side, the MRI is quite short, so it's really not that bad.