a fuzz box and a mass audience

Wed, 2007-12-05 23:07

I'm trying to improve my soldering skills, so I can build electronic things.

In particular, I want to build this headphone distribution amplifier kit which Jenni gave me
for my birthday. But, it's so expensive, and reasonably complicated so I didn't think
my soldering skills were up to the job. So, I bought two brand new soldering irons (including a nice 15 watt Weller soldering pencil, which seems to be just perfect for this kind of work) and a nice iron holder. I also bought this kit and managed to build it into a working "fuzz box". It looks like this:

And it sounds like this (recorded with it directly connected to my laptop via a PreSonus Firebox). Which isn't too bad considering how simple it is. I was actually hoping it would sound "worse", i.e., even more fuzzy. I haven't decided whether I'll keep the thing; if I do, I'll certainly need to put it in a case.

In other news, PHO is getting national airtime on Free Speech TV! Check out the schedule: we're all over the place! If you catch any PHO on FSTV, do let me know. One of my pieces (Bless Your Car With Love) is showing on Christmas!