it begins

Thu, 2007-08-30 16:43

So, I'm starting a blog.

The natural question is, "Why?"

Well, one excuse is to try out Drupal. It's an open source, content management system, and I am using it to run this blog. I want to learn a bit about Drupal, as I am, supposedly, going to be setting up the Freedom Socialist Party's new website using Drupal. Their site currently,, is perhaps the oldest still functioning site on the web, and it is way overdue for a redesign. However, the redesign has been taking forever (over a year now, I think); I was expecting to spend this summer building the new site, but I haven't even started, so who knows when this will happen.

In the meantime, I'll learn a few things more about Drupal by messing around here. The appearance of the blog may change drastically as I mess with the style sheets and such, just for fun.

I see the primary feature of a blog, as opposed to just a website, is the ability to include comments, so please feel free to leave some. Note that previewing of comments is wonky at the moment, due to some color issues. Pay it no mind.