exquisite corpse

a new corpse

Tue, 2013-05-14 11:51

A new exquisite corpse. I did the fourth piece.

speedy corpse

Tue, 2012-05-08 23:20

Hooray, another successful corpse! Organized by Veach, this was done super fast. I think it came out great (I did the third quarter).

exquisite corpse 57

Mon, 2012-04-02 21:39

They've started up the exquisite corpse game that I played quite a bit several years ago.
The latest are number 57 and number 56, on both of which I did the bottom piece. I like 57 especially.

new exquisite corpse 0034

Thu, 2008-10-02 16:29

A new exquisite corpse that I contributed (I did the bottom quarter) to was recently posted at Shae's new exquisite corpse site.
Click on the preview below to go the site and see it in all its glory.