october (no) heat experiment

Wed, 2008-11-05 17:58

This October, Jenni and I performed an experiment. We did not turn our (central) heat on for the whole month. Seattle is not an overly cold place, especially in October. Yet, the thermostat registered temperatures in the 52-57 degree range for much of the month, and we did not find this comfortable. Occasionally, a space heater was used, but it never really made me feel warmer.

To compensate, we often wore more clothing. Sweaters, to be sure, but also multiple socks, slippers, and hats. Gloves would have been next on my list if we'd continued the experiment.


1. One month was not long enough to get used to these temperatures.

2. An electric blanket is very helpful for sleep, as is a sleeping hat (which I've been using for years anyway).

3. The number one difficulty: moisture. Towels hung in the bathroom after showering do not dry. This was unpleasant. Also, moisture was evident in framed prints in the living room. Seattle is a moist place, and central heating acts to dry the air a bit, and this has benefits.

4. One benefit was an increased ease in going out for a ride on a cool morning. Since outside was a similar temperature to inside, I wasn't shocked by the cold upon leaving the house. That was kind of nice.