seven things about me

Thu, 2008-11-20 19:26

The talented Asja, who was tagged by Senta, has tagged me, requiring me to reveal seven things about myself.

Here goes.

1. I have a delicate, several inch-long scar on the inside of my left wrist, the result of putting my hand through the glass of a storm door at a very young age. I have other scars.
my wrist

2. I like very simple watches, and only have one, a cheap Timex, which I've worn since about 1998. To go with it, I use very simple nylon watch bands with a buckle that I can get at army surplus stores.

3. I enjoy old movies, and see no point in rushing to see new ones. A lot of my favorite movies are black and white, or french, but, for some reason, not both.

4. The two most famous hands I've shaken are those of the late Paul Erdős and the not late Blixa Bargeld. I admire them both.

5. I like simple food, and, except when I'm away from home, I have exactly the same breakfast every day: oatmeal with whey powder, walnuts and a banana. Sometimes I mix in peanut butter instead of walnuts (at most once a week).

6. I took the same Tai Chi class for several years. I think it has helped me in a number of ways, particularly to feel more fluid in my body, less stiff, and perhaps a little more generally relaxed. This fall is the first quarter in years that I have completely skipped the class, and I don't know if I'll go back. Though I was in the class for years, it was never very social, and I'm working on being more social these days.

7. I took up metal working this year, partly because I wanted to "work with my hands" instead of just working digitally. It has been a great experience so far, and I'm planning to learn milling in the new year.

Now I'm supposed to tag seven other bloggers, but I don't know any other bloggers besides LizzieLou. Add a comment if you'd like me to tag you!

(I should say, I know several other people with blogs, but they post so rarely, I don't think they count as bloggers...)