what the pasta?

Sun, 2008-11-30 23:41

Spaghetti can be translated as "little strings".

Capellini literally translates as "thin hair".

Vermicelli literaly translates as "little worms".

Linguini means "little tongues".

Fettuccine means "little ribbons".

Tagliatelle is from the italian tagliare, "to cut".

Lasagna seems to mean "cooking pot".

Macaroni's etymology apppears fuzzy.

Fusilli means "little spindles".

Rotini means "twists".

Rotelle means "little wheels".

Farfalle means "butterfly".

Manicotti means "sleeves".

Cannelloni menas "large reeds".

Penne means "feather" or "quill".

Rigatoni come from rigati, meaning "ridged".

Ravioli might mean "turnip".

Radiatore means "radiator".

Thanks, Wikipedia.